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Pat Cahill, Watercolors

Artist's Statement

Art is the expression of an individual.  We learn techniques, but it is our feelings from within that make each piece of art unique.  A finished product is a result of our interpretation, style and creativity.

The gift of painting gives me a fresh and in-depth perspective of subjects by observing people, objects, places, light and form.  I enjoy painting whatever catches my eye – be it the colors, subject matter or design.
Nature presents dynamic masterpieces for us to enjoy.  A painting captures and preserves these in time.  I especially see beauty in flowers, animals and birds.  Each painting reflects my observation and interpretation of our ever changing world.     

I am a member of the Representational Art League, Humboldt Arts Council and the Redwood Art Association.  My work has been shown in several local venues - but most work can be seen at the Ferndale Arts Gallery, Ferndale, CA. Also available at Ferndale Arts are photo notecards of a variety of my paintings.