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Camille Regli - Oil Paintings
The enchanting beauty of the local area, and the hard working lifestyle on small family dairies are Camille's inspiration.

Terrie Ridenhour - Paintings

The love of my life has always been horses and cattle. I went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to pursue that interest, but life is unpredictable. While still very interested in ranching and that way of life, I went to work for CAL FIRE and ended up retiring from fire-fighting after thirty-one years. I also kept a small farm, raising cattle, horses and chickens. Ranching has always been part of who I am.


Peggy Jane Murray - Watercolor and Serigraphy

I work in both watercolor and print techniques to create whimsical, kimono-clad animals. When I am not painting, I employ a technique known as serigraphy to create my work. It is a handprint process in which I push ink through a stencil onto paper. The stencil is mounted on a fabric mesh, which is mounted on a wooden frame. Each successive color in a print requires its own stencil and is printed separately. The process demands weeks or even months to complete an image.

Karen Merry - Fine Artist

​When I begin a painting I experience a sense of appreciation. As I paint, it is like solving a mystery. When the painting is completed I feel happy and satisfied. My art brings me focus, a peacefulness and joy in a way nothing else ever has.

Kate Mcguire is a self taught soutache artist and bead embroidery artist.  She has been “studying” these arts for 10 years and is discovering her own potential and has total passion for making her jewelry.

Rose Knightly - Oil Paintings

Even as change happens, life never slows. This is why I choose to make art that's many layered and has the ability to help settle a storm. When the last of the paint touches the canvas, it's ready to become a visual meditation for the viewer. This experience becomes the last layer of the painting, and one that can be applied over and over for simple enjoyment.

Lorna Saner - Fused Glass Art

The thing I love best about fusing glass is collecting recycled glass. I use dichroic glass for my jewelry. Dichroic glass was first developed for NASA and was used to coat the inside of the visor of the helmets worn by astronauts. It is highly reflective and adds sparkle to glass.

Laura Rose - Raku Pottery

"My greatest joy comes in the art ceramics of RAKU pots. I create two kinds of raku art: 1) Metallic glazes where the final glowing effects are created by a mix of heat and smoke that cannot be anticipated or duplicated. 2) Black and white cave art with images that I draw from original cave drawings of Europe, and pyramid art of ancient Egypt."

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Dan Tubbs, Jr. - Fine Art Photography
Dan enjoys capturing surprising events in nature such as a mother swallow teaching her youngsters how to catch insects or the sun pouring through the clouds and casting patterns of light on the ocean. He is delighted and fascinated by these special moments.