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Curious Cows

Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

Fernbridge At Night, West Side 2011

About the Artist

All photographs copyright by Dan Tubbs, Jr.

Dan is a volunteer photographer for the Ferndale Repertory Theatre as well as the Ferndale Museum. He is also experienced at portrait and product photography. He especially appreciates having the ability to edit and print his own photos and cards thanks to digital technology and sophisticated software programs.

Light Upon The Water

Fern Canyon

Open Wednesday-Sunday 

11:00 am-5:00pm

Victorian Village of Ferndale, California

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Rolls Royce

Where's Lunch?, 2008

The Mary D. Hume, 2009

Dan and his wife Martha moved to Ferndale in 2001. Prior to that he worked for thirty-eight years in the offset printing and graphic design industry. He has always had a love of photography and spent over fifty years shooting with and processing film. In 2003 he embraced the age of digital photography. Dan enjoys capturing surprising events in nature such as a mother swallow teaching her youngsters how to catch insects or the sun pouring through the clouds and casting patterns of light on the ocean. He is delighted and fascinated by these special moments. The prospect of finding these scenes keep him spending seemingly endless hours in nature with his camera. He has also photographed many historic buildings in Ferndale as well as special events that take place in town.

Dan has published a collection of his photographs and poems in a book titled, Light Upon The Water. He and his wife, Martha, have written a children’s book titled The Bear Family At Christmas. His photographs have been featured in Shutterbug Magazine and San Francisco Magazine as well as five covers for Urge, a weekly entertainment publication of the Times-Standard newspaper in Eureka, California.

Martha's Mantles, Fall  2019

Fishing Boats and Carson Mansion