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Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Victorian Village of Ferndale, California

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10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

580 Main Street

Open Daily

Sam Morrison & Nancy Keleher - Jewelry

As the tool cuts through the outside layers and goes deeper, many wonderful surprises are revealed -- colors and grain patterns, spalting, bark inclusions, knots and other natural 'defects' add to the beauty."

Melanie Kasek - Wood Turning
"Discovering the beauty of wood has been a constant source of delight and wonder. With turning you don't necessarily need to measure anything -- you can do it completely by eye.

Terrie Ridenhour - Paintings

Rosalinda Brainerd - Art Quilts
"My love of color and design led me to this very versatile art form. Inspiration for me comes from a multitude of different sources, including nature, especially flowers and birds, designs intrinsic in fabrics and other textiles. Combining fabric, with its own textures and colors, to bring an idea to life, holds a special fascination for me."

Joan Katri  - Paintings
"Ferndale is the source of my inspiration: the fog shrouded landscapes, fog clouds floating across the fields, the flowers fog filtered, the colors soft. My goal is to create a peaceful serenity."

Barbara Davis - "Intricate Stitches" Needle Art
Counted cross stitch patterns exquisitely executed. Portraits a specialty.

Camille Regli - Oil Paintings
The enchanting beauty of the local area, and the hard working lifestyle on small family dairies are Camille's inspiration.

Sara Brown - Musical Themed Sculptures

Sara Brown has combined two things (music and nature), to create an art that is both unique and intriguing. 


Matt Filar -Fine Art Photography
Matt Filar works in color and black & white, with both medium- and large-format cameras, as well as in digital format. While his subjects are predominantly natural scenes, he also enjoys photographing interesting compositions and objects from bygone eras.

Kathleen Klatt - Glass Art
Large works of art. 30 years experience creating leaded and beveled glass works of art in California. Lamps, repairs, and custom designs created just for you.

Leon Porter - Photography
"I am mainly into outdoor photography, and enjoy taking pictures of flowers. You can never take a picture of a person as they see themselves!"

Making jewelry together since the late 1970s, Sam  cuts all the stones that Nancy sets in sterling silver. They make their own beads and use gemstones, fossils, and crystals in jewelry sold at craft fairs and galleries in Humboldt County, southern California and Oregon.

Dan Tubbs, Jr. - Fine Art Photography
Dan enjoys capturing surprising events in nature such as a mother swallow teaching her youngsters how to catch insects or the sun pouring through the clouds and casting patterns of light on the ocean. He is delighted and fascinated by these special moments.

Elaine Gredassoff - Watercolors
“The challenge in painting for me is to take a blank sheet of paper and with my brushes and pigments create an image where nothing except white existed before. It is exhilarating! The rivers, trees, farms, pastures, forests, streams and ocean in Humboldt County are the subjects of many of my watercolor paintings."

Lorna Saner - Fused Glass Art

The thing I love best about fusing glass is collecting recycled glass. I use dichroic glass for my jewelry. Dichroic glass was first developed for NASA and was used to coat the inside of the visor of the helmets worn by astronauts. It is highly reflective and adds sparkle to glass.

Peggy Dickinson - Hell's Elevator Pottery: Functional and decorative ceramics
"I enjoy creating things people use and live with in their daily lives. It's good for the spirit to have beautiful, interesting and even funny things around. I think people are hungry for things someone cared about making."

Julie Cairns - Ceramics
"The techniques used on my ceramics are ancient and used primarily for ceramic tiles; one is known as cuerda seca and the other is tubeline. The designs on my pottery and tiles are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement as well as the scenery and wildlife of the North Coast."

Pat Cahill - Watercolors
"Our world is ever changing, and each painting is a record of a moment in time. Whether preserving a local landscape, recording my travels or capturing an interesting composition, I enjoy sharing with the viewer my interpretation and style through each piece of art I create."

Laura Rose - Raku Pottery

"My greatest joy comes in the art ceramics of RAKU pots. I create two kinds of raku art: 1) Metallic glazes where the final glowing effects are created by a mix of heat and smoke that cannot be anticipated or duplicated. 2) Black and white cave art with images that I draw from original cave drawings of Europe, and pyramid art of ancient Egypt."