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Rose Knightly - Oil Painting

From the time I was a child, growing up surrounded by towering pine trees and wide-reaching oaks in the small town of Paradise California, layers were of interest to me. From the rings found deep within a tree, to desert sandstone's colorful time-made transitions. The idea of such slow and steady growth, layer after layer, year after year, enthralled me, it still does.

Even as change happens over time, life never slows. This is why I choose to make art that's many layered and has the ability for help settle a storm, lift the spirit and celebrate nature at the same time. Each layer of oil is applied to help elevate the next, giving the piece its own history and emotion. It becomes imbibed with love, caring and reverence for the natural world through each layer added. When the last of the paint touches the canvas, it's ready to become a visual meditation for the viewer. This experience becomes the last layer of the painting, and one that can be applied over and over for simple enjoyment.