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Having bounced from coast to coast, Margaret Kellermann finally settled in 2013 near the ocean in Humboldt County. A writer and musician as well as a visual artist, she finds her abstract work in acrylics often returning to the calm line separating sky and water. She paints the changing tempers of the day. layer on layer. Recently one vocal critic asked her incredulously, "Sky and water, that's it?" Yes. That's about it. With occasional cats and other abstract designs. Her paintings, prints and art cards are available at Ferndale Arts Gallery.

Kellermann has exhibited at galleries around the country, including Strawberry Rock Gallery, Astoria Art Gallery and Mary Rose Gallery. Kellermann's own Blue Lake Studio (a brick and mortar gallery 2014-16) is now an online showcase: She offers affordable art tutoring for ages 6-96; reach her at

Margaret Kellermann,

Abstract Seascapes

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Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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