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These are a few of the places I have exhibited:

Van Stratten Gallery, Chicago, IL
Kauffman Galleries, Houston, TX
Vokman Berdon, New York, NY
Gallery 44, Denver, CO
Boody Fine Arts, St. Louis, MO
Artist Circle, Potomac, MD
The Art Collector, San Diego, CA
Editious Limited, San Francisco, CA
The Candy Stick Gallery, Ferndale, CA
The Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA
Piante Gallery, Eureka, CA
Ferndale Arts, Ferndale, CA
Art from the Hart, Ferndale, CA

E-mail or call Joan Katri directly at 707-786-9579
PO Box 746, Ferndale CA 95536

My goal is to create a peaceful serenity. My work is about color, closely related hues; landscapes capturing the essence of color, light and space; the flowers embracing the form.

Artist's Statement

IBM, Kansas City, MO
Marriott Hotel, Charlotte, NC
Paramount Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Price Waterhouse, San Jose, CA
Sheraton Hotel, Denver, CO & Los Angeles, CA
Clorox Camp, Atlanta, GA
Home Box Office, Atlanta, GA
Corporate Design Assoc., Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Joan Katri, Paintings

My work is in numerous private and corporate collections including:

I am a third generation Ferndaler. I began my art career by doing a huge painting of bottles and beakers for the science room at the high school. From high school to arts school majoring in fashion illustration, working in that field while continuing to paint and show my work around the country.

I now live in Ferndale; it is the source of my inspiration: the fog shrouded landscapes, fog clouds floating across the fields, the flowers fog filtered, the colors soft. Windows and doors also inspire me, the geometry becomes the focus.

All the work is acrylic on paper or canvas.

Open seven days a week

10:00 am-5:00pm

In the Victorian Village of Ferndale, California at 535 Main Street, across the street from Tipple Motors.