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Artist's Statement

My name is Chris Haden and I am retired from the military. I am a Vietnam veteran who also served military tours in Honduras, Panama and Bangladesh. After serving in the active military for three years, I wound up back in the military in the form of the California Army National Guard. I was soon selected for a full-time, active duty position with the guard and retired from the California guard in 2000.

Since my retirement, I have led a somewhat non-standard life. For a time, I lived aboard a 48-foot power boat based out of Ventura, California. During other periods, I lived in RV's and traveled the U.S. During periods of normalcy, I owned homes in Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee. I now live in Scotia, California with my wife, Jackie.

Besides tours of duty in the military, I traveled to France, Germany, Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan just because I love to travel.

I became enthralled with photography at an early age. Although I never mastered the ability to draw or paint, I could express my vision in film. The digital revolution brought even broader horizons. My work has been exhibited in galleries in Sierra Vista and Tombstone, Arizona. I have shown in art shows in Nevada, Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas. I entered seven prints in the Cochise County Fair and received five ribbons, three of them blue.

There is plenty of ugly in this world. I suppose we need to see it to try and be better people, but I will leave that to the photojournalists. I prefer to explore the beauty and serenity in the world. My work is not a call to action but rather a call to contemplation. To quote Louis Armstrong: "And I say to myself, 'what a wonderful world'."